Australia: Frontline News

Australian armed forces have been in action for the last 3 days, taking part in the US-led assault against Iraq.
The RAAF FA-18 jets took part in the first wave of air attacks against Baghdad. According to the local media, Australian planes escort American airborne tankers and surveillance aircraft in the Arabian Gulf.

Australian SAS troops have penetrated deep into Iraq, picking targets and conducting reconnaissance tasks ahead of US columns advancing towards Baghdad. There are reports of three minor battles and some 50 Iraqi soldiers taken prisoner.

The Australian frigate HMAS Anzac was reportedly firing the guns in support of British Royal Marines landing near Umm Qasr.

An Australian Navy officer has been appointed commander of Western forces patrolling waterways in and out of Iraq.

There are no reports of Australian casualties. Large antiwar demonstration continue in Australia. A crowd of 10, 0 00 blocked the city center in Perth Saturday, 4,000 demonstrated in Brisbane. Australia deployed some 2,000 Army, Navy and Air Force personnel in support of the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Henry L. Marconi PRAVDA.Ru Sydney

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