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Moscow Believes It "Vitally Important" to Stop the War in Iraq as soon as possible

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov believes it "vitally important" to stop the war in Iraq as soon as possible and to restore the unity of the world community. He spoke about it on Friday at session of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament.

According to the Russian minister, the statements by the USA about the allegedly existing broad international anti-Iraqi coalition "cannot convince anybody." More so, these statements "cannot replace the will of the international community which can be expressed only through the United Nations," underscored the Russian Foreign Minister.

Moscow believes that it is an urgent task of the international community to bring back the Iraqi process, as soon as possible, into the channel of a political settlement on the basis of the United Nations Charter. "Russia is convinced that in solving this problem the key role must belong to the Security Council," said the Russian Foreign Minister.