Representatives of CIS Countries Discuss Practical Questions of Economic Space

A two-day meeting of the special working group - the so-called High Level Group which was recently established upon the decision of the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine to draft an agreement on forming a common economic space - opened in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, on Friday.

Vice-Premier of Russia Viktor Khristenko, a participant in the meeting, said that the meeting would focus on the concept of forming a common economic space of the four largest CIS countries. According to Khristenko, the representatives of the four governments "will try to outline in no uncertain terms" what should be undertaken and in what succession in order to ensure free movement of goods, capitals, services and workforce among the parties to the future agreement.

The Russian vice-premier stated that the existence of other integration associations in the CIS will not hamper the formation of a common economic space of the Four, but will be used as valuable experience.