Russian Anti-Monopoly Minister and Latvian Economic Minister Discuss Cooperation

Economic cooperation between Latvia and Russia has so far developed too slowly, although businessmen in the countries have had and will continue to have plenty of mutual economic interests. This was announced by Latvian Economic Minister Juris Lujans during a meeting with Ilya Yuzhanov, the Russian Minister for Anti-Monopoly Policy and Business Support.

According to Guntars Gute, the press secretary of the Latvian Ministry for the Economy, Lujans indicated that it was essential to seek new ways of expanding economic cooperation between Latvia and Russia in the future. Yuzhanov described Russia's experience in implementing anti-monopoly policies to Lujans, as well as how Russia has tried to end illegal use of intellectual property. He also talked about Russia's problems in protecting consumer rights and described a programme support small business.

The Russian minister indicated that it was very important for the two ministries to increase cooperation in the light of Latvia's entry into the EU. The talks also discussed the possibility of organising a visit by Juris Lujans to Russia in order to widen cooperation between the two countries on economic issues.