Indonesia Interested in Russian Technologies in Oil Production

Indonesia is interested in using Russian know-how at its oil deposits.

Evidence of this are the materials of a second meeting of the Russian-Indonesian commission on trade-economic and technical cooperation which is being held in Denpasar city on Bali island. The use in Indonesia of the Russian high technologies based on vibroseismic impact on oil beds is characterised in these materials as a promising field of cooperation.

Indonesia is the first foreign country to have started introducing this progressive method which was successfully used in Russia.

In February-March, Russian experts carried out monitoring and started large-scale vibration at the oil deposits in Riau (central Sumatra).

The results produced with the help of a mobile seismic laboratory and two 33-ton vibrators, as head of the group Igor Tishchenko said, inspire hope for resumption of industrial production at Indonesian old oil fields. It may also be possible to enhance the productivity of currently operating wells and to discover new oil deposits.

The use of Russian know-how in Indonesia opens new vistas of mutually advantageous cooperation to both countries.