Was It Saddam, or Was it Not?

American special services try to identify Saddam’s TV appearance

American company Fox News reported that Saddam Hussein was wounded during the overnight bombing. Furthermore, CBS television channel reported with a reference to anonymous sources at the American administration that Hussein might have been killed as a result of the bombing.

In the meantime, Pentagon specialists examine the authenticity of Saddam’s speech that he delivered on television several hours after the beginning of the army operation. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said at a briefing with journalists that the Pentagon did not yet manage to identify, whether it was the real Saddam Hussein, or his body double.

The statement from the head of the Pentagon looks rather strange against the background of the fact that his colleagues from the US intelligence gave a positive answer to that question. CIA specialists conducted a detailed computer analysis of the tape. They came to conclusion that it was Saddam Hussein, who addressed to his nation right after the first air strike. Yet, experts do not rule out that Saddam might have had several variants of his address to the nation, in case of the war. CIA Director George J. Tenet summed the discussion up. He said that there were several people from Saddam’s milieu killed as a result of the bombing. Well, if they can not get Saddam, they have to be happy with what they can get, for taxpayers will not understand that otherwise.

Israelis added more fuel to the fire. Israeli experts concluded that it was not Saddam Hussein, but his lookalike, who appeared on the Iraqi television this morning. They added that Saddam never wore glasses and never used notes during his official speeches. To crown it all, Israeli experts said that Saddam’s morning speech was delivered in a style that was not typical for the Iraqi president at all.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov