Maradona against the War: Bush is a Criminal

The most famous football star of the world criticized US bombing over Iraq

The Argentine soccer star, Diego Maradona, also joined the anti-war movement on Thursday after triggering against Bush's administration. His usual anti-American feeling found a solid ground, as Washington and Britain insist on bombing Iraq in despite of world's public opinion.

In declarations to the official TV channel Canal 7 of Buenos Aires, Maradona spoke from Havanna about the latest event in Middle East. "Bush is criminal", he said and regretted about the number of innocent victims that will die during the strikes.

"People is outraged because this bully (George W. Bush) wakes up and says 'War, war, war' and nobody can stops him", said Maradona. The former Argentine midfielder that led Argentina to obtain its last football World Cup in 1986 lives in Havanna to recover from a drug addiction.

Diego, as better known in Argentina, made reference to a dialogue he had with the Cuban leader and personal friend, Fidel Castro, when he insulted President Clinton. Castro replied to him at that time: "Dieguito, stay calmed, the one who's coming now (George W. Bush) is three times worse", Maradona remembered.

"They went now for Iraq, tomorrow they will strike on Colombia, then Argentina and Uruguay. They do whatever they want", complained Maradona.

Maradona has a long story of complaining on US foreign policies. To be more exact, he is against all the current powers, ranging from the Vatican to the British government. On 9/11 attacks, Maradona said: "we have to pray for the dead people, but we cannot say yes to all Bush wants. We have to fight US arrogance".

"Washington exaggerates. It is not possible to go out to capture somebody 'dead or alive' like in the Far West", said Maradona, at that time and his words might sound prophetic, now.

Hernan Etchaleco PRAVDA.Ru Argentina