Igor Ivanov: Russia & USA Remain Partners, Not Enemies

Russia and the USA remain partners, and are together to find a way out of the Iraqi crisis, Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said to the media.

When asked whether there are bilateral contacts now, Mr. Ivanov referred to his regular contacts with State Secretary Colin Powell, "though we have not talked today as yet," he added.

A reporter asked whether Russia had been notified about the zero hour. "Warfare could start any instant after the ultimatum expired. Russia was warned about that," replied Mr. Ivanov.

A dynamic Moscow-Washington dialogue must go on to lay bare for the US Administration the dire fruit the Iraqi war may bring the world, America being no exception, stressed the minister.

"If we settle the Iraqi problem by political means and in an accord, the road will open to teamwork on other, no less involved problems," he said.