The Tale of Two Tyrants

George W. Bush and Anthony Blair do not fight like men, nor do they behave like human beings. They are the worst example of accidents of nature which from time to time produce anomalies in the species, anomalies which are as horrific to contemplate as Medusa in ancient times.

As with Medusa, those who look at them turn to stone, in their hearts, because when one regards Bush or Blair, one gets a glimpse into the mindset of pure, unadulterated evil. These are not men of God, as they like to proclaim.

They have no regard whatsoever for the value of human life. While they say with great ease and with carefully studied words of circumstance that they have the well-being of the Iraqi people at heart and that they are really liberators, just like the fascist forces unleashed by Hitler, what they are interested in, in the case of Bush, is the resources of Iraq. In Blair’s case the real motive is more complicated to pinpoint.

Last night a military strike was perpetrated in Baghdad by US/UK military forces, acting outside the auspices of the UNO, making it illegal and therefore any casualties would be classified as war crimes. However, for these two tyrants, international law means nothing.

Neither law, nor common decency. After all, they got the Iraqis to destroy what few weapons they had left, then attack them. Kicking a man when he is down is probably the most cowardly and despicable act that a “man” can commit. Bush and Blair are not “men”, they are cowardly incubi whose ambitions hide behind the outer image of legality.

The bullying and threats which were used in the UN Security Council with insinuations that aid programmes would be suspended for countries did not vote in favour of the proposal to wage war was the lowest possible level to which international diplomacy could descend. These two tyrants will in future surely choke on the words “diplomacy, dialogue, discussion”.

These two tyrants have managed to destroy international cohesion at a time when global terrorism had become a real threat. These two tyrants have placed a doubt in the minds of millions of thinking people as to whether there is any difference between an innocent Iraqi civilian being murdered by an American or British pilot and an innocent American or British civilian being murdered by an explosion in Washington or London?

These two tyrants are committing war crimes, these two tyrants are soiling the reputation of their countries, these two tyrants are murderers, criminals, the enemy of God and the enemies of mankind.

The logic of their thinking goes hand-in-hand with the black and white thinking of the mentally advanced George Bush, who says things like “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” and “If you vote against us, we will suspend your aid programmes and you will all die”. Now he and Blair, the protagonist, speak about terrorism and Saddam Hussein in one and the same breath. If Bush doesn’t know better, Blair should: there is no connection whatsoever between the two, despite the desperate attempts to prove the contrary, a good example of this being the ridiculous report presented by the British to Colin Powell, which turned out to be a text lifted from a thesis written twelve years previously and other pages copied from magazines.

The logic of these two tyrants is that if someone opposes this war, he is supporting tyranny. Tyranny is launching a criminal attack on a sovereign nation, tyranny is ceasing to use diplomatic channels just because the debate was not going their way.

The logic of these two tyrants runs on the lines of “All Iraqis wear moustaches, therefore they are untrustworthy” or “They’re all brown. Oh God, how horrible! After all, the darker the skin, the worse the person” or “Today a child, tomorrow a terrorist” or “Let’s kill the Iraqi people before Saddam can kill them”.

However terrible human suffering is, these two tyrants have awakened the hatred of millions of people and unfortunately they will reap their just rewards in kind. That is the law of the jungle and this is the law that these two tyrants choose to follow.

George W. Bush and Anthony Blair are the worst specimens of the species that mother nature could possibly produce.


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