Baby Born With Her Heart on the Right

A baby with mirror placement of internal organs was delivered to the neonatal ward of a city clinic in Russia’s Vladivostok on March 12. Doctors are trying to save the girl’s life. They are reserved for making comments and estimates and somewhat superstitious, but they wish soonest recovery for the baby so that she could leave home together with her mother. The baby was born about a month ago in the city of Arsenev.

The baby’s heart is on the right side, other organs are also in an irregular order. Unfortunately, the baby was prematurely born, and doctors registered a grave pathology in her lungs. Specialists say that anomalies of this kind are rare.

Our correspondent learnt from the head physician in the regional maternity hospital of Vladivostok, Andrey Griban, that no instances of this kind were registered there within the 37 years of the hospital’s work, and this is regardless of the fact tat about two thousand deliveries are registered there every year.

An instance of this kind was registered in the region about ten years ago. A baby with a mirror placement of internal organs was let home in seven days after the birth. Specialists say, the very fact that babies are born with mirror placement of internal organs doesn’t threat their health. Forty years ago a 12-year-old boy with his heart on the right side lived in the city of Nakhodka; he felt well and made good progress at school. As a rule, anomalies of this kind occur when mothers suffer from some infectious disease in the first months of pregnancy.

It is not ruled out that when mothers have genetic predisposition or suffer from some chronic ailment, internal organs of their babies can be in mirror placement. A woman who many years ago gave birth to a baby with mirror placement of internal organs suffered from diabetes. It is more dangerous when in addition to irregular placement of internal organs babies suffer from some pathologies. This is exactly what happened with the baby who currently undergoes medical treatment in the hospital in Vladivostok.

Tamara Kaliberova, Marina Ivleva Vladivostok newspaper

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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