Ransom for Peace in Iraq

Any war aggression against Iraq is illegal and is not supported by the world community. Iraq is to be attacked for a ransom it is totally unjustified. The United States of America should lower the bayonets and make a stand to fight against the creation of a world war. The "collision of the willing" should be "willing" to peace.

According to an article in Washington Post 2003 March 9th the excerpt was taken:

"The Natanz plant (Iran) poses a critical challenge to the Bush administration at a delicate time -- just as North Korea also appears to be intensifying its efforts to build a nuclear weapon, and on the eve of a possible war with Iraq.

“The disclosures will raise difficult new questions about U.S. policy and the president's declared intention to preempt threats from those who seek to acquire weapons of mass destruction."

It could be perceived that the U.S policy actually increases the proliferation frequency of WMD. Even though it is not the intention, it may be interpreted as the result. The question then to be raised: is it the intention of the USA? To produce "rouge" states, which are possible to attack later, in order to expand the sphere of influence. This could subsequently be interpreted as the foreign policy strategy of the neo conservatives in the USA.

If the answer is positive; Subsequently, the realm of the USA could be extensively increased, incorporating disobedient and insidious states, which should consequently be "democratised" or "converted" by the use of force at any cost. Resulting in vast geo-strategic and regional gains to the US. By an invasion of Iraq, it is yet another step in the process of the containment of Russia. In the same time US neo con diplomats work endlessly in order to try to weaken Russia as much as they humanly can, both within the borders of the former USSR and sphere around it. The water reservoirs of Iraq may then be utilized to distribute water to "friendly" or "allied" states. Yugoslavia may be seen as clear example of this approach. The state itself actually sponsors all the tiny satellite states around it with Yugoslav capital. So will Iraq, if invaded.

Trade Corridor

The trade corridor between Berlin - Baghdad, stretches through Yugoslavia. As a consequence of that, Yugoslavia no longer controls its borders, natural resources like gold, zinc, lead, uranium and coal. Nor does it control its economy, in which various countries have carved up between them, inflicting a never-ending recession except for a racist trade in flesh and blood, in which albanians, others and the UN run. Today good old Soros actually "owns" a Yugoslav goldmine, the Trepca goldmine previously owned by Tzars. That is what Iraq has to look forward to. A complete loss of ownership, integrity, law and order, and the rule of incompetent Iraq, being one of the richest countries in the world, will be subjected to at least the same treatment, if not far worse. Not controlling its borders, not remotely controlling the natural resources especially the premium quality oil blend and water supplies. It is highly probable that Iraq may be the country on this planet that has the greatest concentration of premium oil. According to some estimates up to 340 billion barrels of total reserves. This will undoubtedly be one of "the great prices" of an aggressor. At a price at $ 20 USD this equals to: $ 6.8 trillion USD, minus the subsidy to Israel - $ 1.6 trillion USD, minus the US deficit - $ 3 trillion USD. Leaving an attractive net profit of $ 2.2 trillion USD. That is just one scenario in which monopolization of trading and economy is attempted.

For the moment it seems that some forces are ready to monopolize trade, energy and raw-power by unilateral means.

There will no doubt be eager Soroses of Iraq, ready to avariciously stumble over each other to lay their blood-drenched hands of the riches of Iraq. No one will be able to exactly determine when an eventual occupation will end. It may never end.

Reasons for War

A war against Iraq will all means accepting lies about alleged "links" with terrorists, which is by common knowledge deemed as totally ridiculous. In addition, that Iraq should be a "threat" to the United States. That statement is not only totally misplaced, it is totally illogical. How can a country that has been under strict trade-sanctions since 1991, be a threat. A statement like discrepant with the status of reality.

The United States is a super power; everyone understands that, should both the USA and Iraq agree to commence trade instead of the first threatening with a war, the business climate could likely improve very much. This will result in stability, which would be beneficial for all parties and countries.

There are many good people in the USA; people should listen to the voices of reason. There is still hope for us all to escape the devastating hell of an unjustified war based on pure lies and feudally expressional neo conservative foreign policy.

Why not invest $ 800 billon USD in medicine, US infrastructure, to help US compatriots and improve their lives. The USA would have the most incredible infrastructure ever imagined, if the capital was invested in novel projects. New maglevs, hovercrafts, and aeroplanes it goes far beyond imagination. This would definitely add to the competitiveness of the US economy. Why invest in something, that one would never get a loan for in a bank, an investment in war. The USA would benefit in great way by investing US taxpayers capital in the United States, without any hesitation.

A Stand against a War

Today there is still a chance to avoid an all out war, albeit a very small one. In order to avoid further aggravation of the delicate situation, the Security Council could issue a joint statement against the unilateral use of force. However, it needs executed with great speed, vitality and great belief. Secret voting in the Security Council should be allowed. Otherwise some countries may be forced to vote in a predestined way.

Everyone that believes in plain justice should be strongly opposed of putting an entire nation at gunpoint. A peaceful resolution can be found. What is the need of humiliating an entire nation? What is moral cost of this? Accepting initial losses of 250.000 civilians, this issue is no longer at all about President Saddam Hussein or disarmament; it is about accepting bloodshed without a protest, acceptance of an illegitimate ultimatum with the intention of war. As the shadow embraces all people on our earth, everyone should stand up as one and unite against darkness to remain in the light. Unite against war. Now is the time for all nations to unite and condemn the commencing of aggression.

It is now time for the empowered lot to show stature, respect to justice and international law. For the love of God, please don't commence a tragedy. Don't start the war.

Viktor Markovic Special to PRAVDA.Ru