UAZ Opens Car Assembly Plant in Vietnam

The Ulyanovsk Car Plant (UAZ) has opened a car assembly plant in Vietnam. According to the company's press office, by the end of this year 1,200 cars are planned to be produced on the new assembly line.

The company is supplying kits for the UAZ-31512 to Vietnam, which are equipped with engines from the Zavolzhsk Engine Factory. Over the next five years the company plans to produce at least 3,500 cars at the plant. Cars from the Vietnam UAZ plant will also be sold in neighbouring Laos.

The Ulyanovsk Car Plant was established in 1941 and currently manufactures 14 models of off-road vehicles and four-wheel-drive minibuses. It forms part of the Severstal Auto company. In 2002 UAZ produced 69,599 vehicles, which represents a fall of 2.1% on the previous year.

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