Russian-Belarussian Commission to Examine Draft Act on Union on March 31

The Russian-Belarussian commission for drafting a Constitutional Act will examine the final version of the document at a meeting on March 31. This was announced today at a press conference by Vladimir Aksenov, the secretary of the parliamentary assembly of the Russian-Belarussian Union. According to Aksenov, the draft Constitutional Act 'is at a high stage of readiness,' and needs to be approved by the Russian and Belarussian presidents. Before it is put before the Supreme State Council, at an as yet unspecified date, the Constitutional Act must be examined at a session of the Council of Ministers of the Union State on April 2.

Aksenov stressed that adopting the Constitutional Act 'will significantly speed up construction of the Union, as the document will give its organs the powers that they currently lack.'