Ex-Miss Universe Oxana Fyodorova Starts Politics

Russia’s Federation Council Speaker Sergey Mironov knows an answer to the question what happiness of a young girl is. He thinks that happiness of a young girl means “to obtain professional skills, to find a beloved and to live happily.” Last weekend Sergey Mironov, the chairman of Russia’s Party of Life met with a new youth movement, Energy of Life, in the Russian city of Tver. Ex-Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fyodorova is a co-chairman of the youth movement.

The Federation Council speaker thinks that “youth is a resource for national development”. That is why Sergey Mironov was the first to support Oxana Fyodorova when on September 23, 2002, the winner of the Miss Universe beauty contest was stripped of the title in four months after the triumph. As was said in an official press-release on the problem, this was done “because of systematic failure to carry out the obligations of the winner of the prestigious beauty contest.” The Federation Council liked the explanation given to the situation by Viktor Salnikov, the president of the St.Petersburg University for Internal Affairs where Oxana studies. He said that the Miss Universe refused to participate in advertising shows and got back to St.Petersburg to defend her dissertation at the University. At that, Fyodorova complained that organizers of the beauty contest didn’t take her personal plans into consideration. And Viktor Salnikov in his turn said that Oxana signed no contracts on obligatory participation in show programs. Mironov said then that he supported Fyodorova’s refusal of the title and appreciated the decision of this “young, clever and brave girl”. It is interesting if Sergey Mironov read the scandalous interview with the ex-Miss Universe in a popular American edition, the interview where Oxana answered questions that are usually interesting for Russia’s scandalous politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Probably he would have checked the emotions if he had known details of this interview.

On March 15, a conference on the subject “Russia’s Youth in the 21st Century” was held by Tver’s United Youth Block, the interregional youth public political movement, together with youth organizations from Russia’s regions. Sergey Mironov and Oxana Fyodorova were present at the conference. Participants of the forum were supposed to discuss problems of today’s Russian youth and youth policy in the RF subjects on a federal level.

Sergey Mironov said at the conference that “majority of youth are gradually advancing toward the social bottom, 50 thousand young men are outside the education system.”

The ex-Miss Universe spoke after the Federation Council speaker at the conference. In the words of Oxana Fyodorova, the very fact that youth ends up in the gutter is because of “irresponsibility and dissipation of their parents.” The ex-Miss Universe thinks it is not a shame at all to be a patriot. Russian youth is already used to lectures on morals, but it is not good to abase those to whom the parties address for support.

By the way, many foreign businessmen don’t like to deal with Russians because the latter seldom keep the word, fail to observe terms of contracts and don’t think that the law is obligatory. That is why all comments concerning Fyodorova’s refusal to observe conditions of the international contract are quite natural. As for the youth project of Russia’s Party of Life, all ideas suggested by Sergey Mironov are not new at all and rater dull. Russia’s youth needs actual assistance, not lectures on morals; they need more opportunities for realization of their own ambitions and more exemplary idols. It is hardly likely that Oxana Fyodorova may serve an example for the Russian youth; the same can be also said about the public movement Energy of Life.

MiK news agency

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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