Potential War with Iraq

War protestors say they are concerned about the welfare of Iraqi citizens. Are they ignorant of what is happening in Iraq? According to Amnesty International’s reports on Human Rights, Iraqi citizens are routinely executed, mutilated, tortured, and kidnapped without judicial process. There is no freedom of speech, assembly, or association. Saddam controls everything from food coupons to the naming of children. Weekly, 1000’s of civilians have their ears, hands, feet, or tongues amputated. Anesthesia is only used if the condemned can afford it. 70% of hand/foot amputees die from loss of blood or infection. Once, Physicians performed amputations in hospitals. Now, amputations are performed in prisons. When Doctors aren't available, non-medical personnel use razorblades. For performing cosmetic surgery on an amputee, the Doctor is subjected to the same amputation or is executed. Women accused of prostitution are beheaded in front of their homes as their family watches. Their heads are left on stakes. Children’s eyes are gouged out to force Mothers to confess their husbands whereabouts. People are lowered into vats of acid, sometimes to kill, sometimes to torture. Men are employed to specifically rape women. Military deserters are branded between the eyes. The list is endless. War is ugly. What is occurring under Saddam Hussein is uglier.

President Bush wants to stop the gross and systemic violations of Human Rights in Iraq. For this, he is called a warmonger and compared to Hitler. When Iraq is liberated and all the atrocities are revealed, war protestors will be ashamed. Hitler could have been stopped before he was armed. Saddam Hussein should be stopped now, before he controls nuclear weapons. Every day we postpone dealing with Hussein, Iraqi citizens suffer and Saddam builds more weapons. Have you seen any Iraqis outside Iraq protesting the war?

Sincerely, Ken Harris USA