UNICEF : Latest Figures on Water Supply

As the world gears up for a criminal attack by the USA/UK alliance in which billions of USD will be spent, 1.6 million children die every year because they do not have access to clean water, according to the latest figures released by UNICEF.

The report states that millions of children in the developing world suffer “needlessly” from disease, while others drop out of school through illness or because they have to walk miles to fetch the water for younger siblings, or “due to inadequate separate and decent sanitation facilities”

Carol Bellamy, the Executive Director of UNICEF, stated that “This lack of education early in life often consigns girls to poverty or dependence later in life,” adding that “by providing clean water and sanitation to the poorest people on the planet, we can reduce poverty and suffering and ensure education for all children.”

The UNICEF report states that every year, 19.5 million people suffer from intestinal infections caused by roundworm and whipworm, while a further 118.9 million children worldwide, under the age of 15, suffer from schistoomiasis. These diseases caused by parasites drain the host of nutrients, rendering the child weak and without the strength to study, let alone walk to school, meaning that educational syllabi are not completed.

The Third World water Forum is set to take place between 16th and 23rd March in Japan, while at the same time the United States of America readies itself for a criminal attack against Iraqi civilians, an act which constitutes a war crime under the precepts of international law, should such an attack fall outside the auspices of the UNO.

For every cruise missile launched, tens of thousands of children could be provided with clean drinking water. For every bullet fired, a child somewhere will have less chance of surviving beyond the age of five.

If the United States of America paid what it owes to the UNO instead of spending countless billions developing its own Weapons of Mass destruction to use against defenceless populations, it would appear that mankind would take a step further on the evolutionary scale. If the United states is the main country holding mankind back from that goal, then the evil is in Washington and nowhere else.


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