Yevgeni Primakov: U.S. Strike on Iraq will Destabilise International Situation

A famous Russian politician, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yevgeni Primakov believes that "a U.S. strike on Iraq will lead to complete destabilisation of the situation in the world." Primakov, who is also the head of the Russian Commerce and Industry Chamber delegation, said this during his meeting with the mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov on Thursday.

Mr. Primakov stressed the Russian authorities "do its best to neutralise the effects of the U.S. policy." "The U.S. strike on Iraq can lead to complete destabilisation in the world. After that, the world may be divided on the basis of civilisation and religion. It cannot be allowed," Yevgeni Primakov said.

Yevgeni Primakov is on his informal tour of the Republic of Dagestan. On Thursday, he visited the Dagestani State Politechnical University and was elected honorary professor of the University. Today he was made the Freeman of Makhachkala."