Igor Ivanov: Russia will Vote against a Resolution on Iraq Authorising the Use of Force

Russia will vote against a resolution on Iraq authorising or implying a war in the region, Russian Foreign Minster Igor Ivanov said.

During a Thursday press conference in Dushanbe following his meeting with Tajikistan's President the Russian Foreign Minister was asked if Russia had decided to use its right of veto. He said that it was too early to make any statement before the text of the new resolution is revealed.

"Russia will veto any resolution authorising or implying a war in Iraq," the Russian Foreign Minister stressed adding that "it was counterproductive to link Russia's stand on Iraq to the country's bilateral relations with the United States." According to the minister, Russia's stand on Iraq "is not directed against any country." Russia is pursuing "a clear-cut, peaceful policy" in settling the Iraqi crisis, Igor Ivanov said.

According to him, a peaceful solution to the Iraqi crisis will "break legal ground for diplomatic settlement in other regions." Following the negotiations with Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov, Igor Ivanov set for the headquarters of the 201st Russian motorised rifle division to meet its officers.