IMF mission starts examining Moldavian economic policy

An evaluative mission of the International Monetary Fund will work in Moldova from March 13 to 26, the IMF office in Chisinau told RBC. A source specified that the mission would examine the macroeconomic and structural policies of the Moldavian government with requirements that had been earlier stipulated by the IMF.

These requirements concern the law on the 2003 budget, the abolishment of all restrictions on exports and the adoption of the law on pre-shipment inspection of imported products.

A source in the Moldavian government said that only the third requirement had not been fulfilled. The final adoption of this law is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

A successful evaluation of the activities of the Moldavian government may result in a positive decision of the IMF Executive Board on allocating a $25m credit to Moldova. The loan is to be given within the framework of the program on decreasing the poverty level. The total cost of the program is $147m.