Russian Defence Enterprises Earned $400 mln from Export in 2002

In 2002, defence enterprises of the Russian agency of control systems, RASU, sold their production worth $392.7 million to foreign countries within the framework of military and technical co-operation, RASU head Gennady Kozlov announced Wednesday.

"Among exported military products, communication devices hold the first position with 23.5 per cent of the entire export volume, followed by electronic systems for different types of arms /17 per cent/, portable missile defence systems /13 per cent/", he said. Among the countries importing these products, Kozlov named China, Greece, India, the USA and some others.

"Exports were carried out by 111 defence enterprises that have their web-sites, where they registered up to 400,000 applications over the last year," he added.

When commenting on the 2002 production in general, Kozlov pointed out that its volume had grown by 13.3 per cent in comparison with 2001. Military production increased by 20.3 per cent, while civilian production grew by 8 per cent.