Russian Government Allocates USD 240 Million for Reconstruction of Chechnya

The Russian government has allocated 7.5 billion roubles (USD 240 million) for the reconstruction of Chechnya in 2003, according to Nikolai Koshman, the head of state construction agency Gosstroi. Koshman said that work will concentrate on rebuilding the Chechen capital Grozny, in particular, repairing water, heating and electricity supply networks, as well as municipal facilities. 465 million roubles (USD 15 million) have been allocated for housing construction. However, Koshman added that reconstruction work would be carried out in other areas of the republic as well.

According to Koshman, a reconstruction programme has already been agreed on, and on March 15-16 a meeting will take place in Grozny to choose general contractors for the work. The head of Gosstroi stressed that financial accounts would be published in the Chechen media in order to maintain more effective control over funds allocated for reconstruction work.