Russian Military Secrets Available to Estonia?

Estonia started up a strong radar included into the NATO aviation reconnaissance system
On March 10, a strong radar for remote tracking of the air space over Estonia and its close neighbors was set into operation in north-eastern Estonia, near the city of Rakvere. As Estonia’s Defense Ministry informs, proof tests are to be held first to find out if there are any breakdowns in the work of the system. Only when proof tests are held, a ceremonial opening of the radar will be held in April.

The radar produced by Lokheed Martin was purchased for 240 million of Estonian crowns. Estonia’s minister of defense says, the radar can follow the situation in the air space at a height of 30 kilometers and in the radius of 450 kilometers. It means that the antenna that is as high as a three-storied building can carry out reconnaissance of the air space over Russia’s St.Petersburg, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports.

The reconnaissance radar complex near Rakvere is just about 100 kilometers from the Russian Air Force fighters subdivision near the city of Gdov, and it is about 200 kilometers from the disposition of the Minsk military transport regiment and the 76th airborne troops division. It means that starting with April the combat training regime of these units may be followed by the radar on-line.

Estonia’s Ministry of Defense specially emphasizes that the radar will be a component part of Baltnet (the Baltic net), the united system for control over the air space of the Baltic countries. And Baltnet, in its turn, will be connected up with the NATO air control and intelligence system.

The Ministry of Defense didn’t mention anything about reaction of the local authorities to radar installation in the region and to possible danger to health of the population as a result of the continuous low-frequency sound signal emitted by the system.

Pskov news service

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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