Restructuring of Belarusian electrical energy industry to be approved

The preparation of the concept of restructuring of the Belarusian electrical energy industry is coming to an end. The draft of this document, developed by the Energy Industry, is currently being corrected with participation of the Belenergo concern and other institutions. It is to be sent to the government in the near future.

As Belenergo reported, the essence of the reforms is in dividing the production, transmission, and sales of energy in the Belarusian energy system. For example, it is planned to have electrical energy power stations as separate companies. It is currently being decided whether all power plants will be reorganized or only some of them, and the conditions for them to become a part of the Belenergo holding.

As for domestic and foreign energy sales, Belinterenergo will be in charge of this. This new institution is being created on the basis of the concern's center for calculating energy flows.