Terrorists ‘R’ Us

American citizen is indignant about American government’s actions

Many Americans could not believe it when they heard that U.S. authorities have kidnapped two small children in their ever-expanding “War on Terrorism.” Many of us thought it was a misprint, misinformation. After all, the USA has always stood for freedom, justice, and the American way. Then WorldNetDaily news website published an article confirming that the U.S. has, indeed, kidnapped the small 7 and 9 year old sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who purportedly is the masterminded of the 9-11 attacks.

I don’t know how my fellow countrymen feel, but I declare that even if Khalid had killed a million innocent people, it is a grave offence against humanity and the God above us, to kidnap children. Such a heinous act makes us no better than the Nazi Gestapo, who also said that it ‘could save lives’ if they tortured whole families for information.

I cannot believe that the broadcast media is holding still for this for one moment. Any respect decent Americans once had for the networks and syndicates has now evaporated, because no broadcast voices are yet raised up to defend even small children from the viciousness of ‘win at any cost’ bureaucrats.

Any government that regards tiny children as pawns to be exploited in its “War On Terror,” which is more truly a war on individual rights, needs to hear from sane men. Unfortunately, there seems to be no voice, no accommodation for such sane men in any U.S. media. Only Pravda will print articles such as this, which says a lot about freedom of the press in America.

It is time to choose. Terrorist cell, or terrorist NATION? Which is the greater threat?

Our government has almost daily issued terrorist threat warnings, assigning various colors for ‘alerts.’ Yet no one says what we were supposed to do with such information. The government that took our guns away, even though it claims we are “at war,” sends us citizens out unarmed. Because we foolishly let them.

U.S. based airline pilots, all absolute captains of their ships, are so blind to their Natural Rights that they beg their government for permission to protect their passengers with handguns. PERMISSION!! And they’re still begging while the debauched Congress hides behind the guns of hundreds of armed guards, making more laws saying no to them and everyone else.

In the many months since 9-11, there have been thousands of ‘terrorist alerts,’ but there has been not one, repeat, NOT ONE terrorist attack as predicted. The same ‘intelligence’ agencies that didn’t have one whiff of the pending 9-11 tragedy are now receiving more money, more power and yet more money—to protect us just like they did before 9-11.

Now the government has sunk to an all-time low. While countless legislators rush to indict and pass more and more laws against child abuse, it kidnaps two little children, not only away from their family, but away even from their own country and culture, transporting them into the U.S. for confinement and interrogation.

Never, in my wildest imagination did I think that the country for which I am willing to die would sink so low, so despicably as to torture anyone, especially children, for any reason whatsoever since no reason whatsoever would ever suffice. We attacked and ended whole nations for doing such things. Yet now we are committing the same horrible crimes. And I guarantee that this will finally kill us, politically and, worse, spiritually.

We have met the terrorists, and they are us.

Jack Duggan Especially for PRAVDA.Ru