Vladimir Putin: Russia Tax Laws Still Cumbersome and Bureaucratic

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that tax legislation in Russia remains cumbersome and bureaucratic. 'We need to admit that an attempt to de-bureaucratize the tax system has been made, but despite our well-meaning efforts, there is a lot that we have failed to achieve,' said the President at a meeting in Tobolsk with the city's women.'

According to the RTR television station, the President said that 'the government has not managed to carry out all the tasks that it set itself. The number of papers that people need to fill out remains as high as before. The overall tax burden remains unchanged.' The President also stated that it is necessary to continue work on creating a unified social tax and developing a new tax system. This system 'must be understandable and simple in practice,' he said.

Putin also stressed that it is necessary to lower 'the tax burden for those who are manufacturing real products.' This will create new jobs and people will earn more money. However, Putin said that it was essential to 'approach lowering the regional tax base very carefully.'