Bin Laden Captured in Pakistan?

Nine al-Qaeda terrorists were arrested as a result of a police raid in Pakistan.

As Pakistan’s influential newspaper News reported Friday, in accordance with unconfirmed data, Osama bin Laden or his son may be among the arrested.

On Wednesday, a large-scale operation was held by Pakistani police together with American special force in two helicopters in the settlement of Noshki in the province of Baluchistan close to the Afghan border.

Witnesses say that Pakistani troops were especially active in the district on Thursday.

As The News International reports, he hunt for Osama bin Laden intensified Friday in two remote districts on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. As a governmental official reports, information gleaned from captured al-Qaeda operative, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, led to Chitral in the northwest, and somewhere along southwest border with Afghanistan in Baluchistan. There is a possibility that bin Laden could be hiding in Baluchistan close to the Afghan border or in Chitral, these areas are being searched.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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