Iraq: The Truth, The Whole Truth

Dominican Sister Sharine, Iraqi, lives in Baghad. She went to the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she was heard by Pravda.Ru contacts, among them Joao Pedro Stedille, who sent us this report. We thank Senhor Stedille most sincerely for this chilling report.

Viruses and mice dropped by parachute against Iraqi agriculture “One of the main causes of the hunger which afflicts the Iraqi people is the policy adopted by the USA, for more than eight years now, of sending viruses against Iraqi crops and the policy of dropping thousands of mice by parachute to destroy what little we have”.

Chemical weaponry deployed by the United States of America

Bombardeamentos com armas quнmicas feitas pelos EUA

“The United States of America used chemical weapons in their systematic bombings. There is hardly any drinking water left in Iraq, specially in Baghdad, a result of these bombing raids with chemical weapons which have contaminated the water”,

Depleted Uranium has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths

“Until today the Iraqi people have suffered the consequences of the Gulf War, due to the use of depleted uranium by the United States of America, which has caused cancerous diseases in those who survived the bombing”. We can add the statistic that at least 500,000 Iraqi children have died as a result of the deployment of this illegal weaponry, which breaches the Geneva Convention and the deployment of which is therefore a war crime.

UN embargo killed thousands of children

“The United nations, with all its power, until today has still not allowed the entry of certain medicines into Iraq, a policy which has caused thousands of deaths due to the lack of basic substances”.

Oil, the Bait for the Devil

“The Iraqi people are depressed, they accept their destiny, resigned, as a people who live sleeping on a mattress of oil and so for this reason they will attract the greed of the US-based energy companies and due to their wealth, they will be condemned to poverty and death”.

It will be a massacre

“The people will not react. The people are not armed. This is a lie of western TV. Worse than this, we all know it will be a massacre, genocide. Since 1990, the population of Baghdad has increased by eight times and now the city has a population of eight million inhabitants, 70% of them coming from the countryside, devastated, without jobs, receiving a basic food basket from the government so as to not starve to death. Can you imagine how these people will suffer if there is a massive bombing campaign against the capital?”