Russian Tax Code Needs to Be Adjusted

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes Russia's tax code is too clumsy and bureaucratised. Vladimir Putin expressed this opinion at a meeting with women of the Siberian town Tobolsk. The meeting was timed for the international Women's Day marked in Russia on March 8th.

"The government has failed to fulfil the tasks it set itself," said the head of state. "The amount of papers to be filled in has not decreased and the overall tax burden has not been reduced." The president stated the need to continue the work over the social tax and the development of the tax system. The latter should be clear and simple, he pointed out.

Vladimir Putin also underscored the importance of easing the tax burden on those producing real products. Then, the president added, new jobs will appear and people will start earning more money. Putin continued it was necessary to carefully approach the problem of reducing the tax burden in the region.

Answering the women's questions, Vladimir Putin said the government was debating the reconstruction of wages' payment in the social sphere."