Chile to Investigate Spying Denounces on US Intelligence Services

According to a report published by the British newspaper Observer, Washington is spying six UN Security Council members including Mexico and Chile

Chile took seriously a report published by "The Observer" on Sunday, in which the British newspaper blames the CIA on spying UN Security Council members. In fact, Soledad Alvear, country's Foreign Minister instructed the Ambassador in London to confirm press versions.

Mexico, the other US trading partner that has a seat at the council has been also appointed by the British media as a Washington target. However, Mexican authorities did not comment on the reports that have been checked with three independent former spies. According to "The Observer", the US intelligence Services spied on Chile, Mexico, Angola, Cameroon, Guinea and Pakistan.

"We heard the accusation in the media and have instructed our ambassador to London to find out whether the information is correct or not", told Soledad Alvear to local reporters. The Observer had informed that USA made hearings on private phone conversations and intercepted electronic communications to find out whether those countries would support or not US resolutions on Iraq.

Soledad Alvear, who recently sealed a Free Trade Agreement with the USA, said that Chilean foreign policy, was absolutely clear and open. According with reports from Santiago, Chile would adopt a neutral position on the Security Council meeting scheduled for March 7. "We are interested on Iraq's disarming and want to listen to UN inspectors to reach a position. We want to strengthen the role of the United Nations on this issue", said Alvear, quoting words from Chile's President Ricardo Lagos.

High diplomat sources and many analysts say that Washington would put more pressure on both Latin American countries to obtain their support in the coming meeting. The US Government could be threatening Chile and Mexico with restrictions to the bilateral trading if does not get support from them.

This situation is bringing both countries into an unstable financial situation. The value of the US Dollar went haywire on Monday in Mexico DC, as its economy is widely US-dependant. In Santiago, the price of the Dollar also went up on Monday as markets could play a decisive role on Chile's final decision.

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