Saudi Arabia: USA Deluding Itself Over Iraq

The United States is deluding itself if it thinks it can control Iraq after a second Gulf war, which it has threatened to launch soon, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said on February 26.

Prince Saud was addressing a news conference in Jeddah to discuss the looming Iraq war.

"Anyone who thinks he can control Iraq is deluding himself," Prince Saud added, commenting about Washington's plans to "control" Iraq by setting up a military administration after the removal of President Saddam Hussein.

"Iraq is a people, a country, a civilization, a history, and its people will not tolerate any external control," he added.

Prince Saud commented as well on the possibility of a war being launched without UN support: "Unilateral action would not be advisable. It would not be in the interest of Iraq, the region or the United States. Thankfully, we have seen the United States agreeing to allow the United Nations to tackle the issue."

The Minister was also asked about reports claiming that America's interest in Iraq was strictly to gain control of its oil reserves. "We are not about speculation or conspiracy theories. But we are for the survival and stability of the region. Our goal is to avoid war. Any opportunity that can lead to that should be utilized. Peace is always the best solution."

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