YUKOS posts 2002 results

The YUKOS Oil Company has calculated preliminary results of its activities in 2002, the press service of the company reported. In 2002, YUKOS's oil production reached 69.5 million tons, excluding 475,000 tons of oil added to the YUKOS's consolidation perimeter under US GAAP in December 2002. This figure exceeds the level of 2001 by 19.3 percent.

The volume of processed oil gained 13.8 percent in 2002 against 2001, to 32.9 million tons, or 241 million barrels. The volume of gas, produced by YUKOS in 2002, amounted to 2.39 billion cubic meters, or 84.5 cubic feet, advancing 39.8 percent as compared to 1.71 billion cubic meters, or 60.3 billion cubic feet, in 2001.

Over the reported period, oil exports were 36.8 million tons against 28.1 million tons in 2001, increasing by 31.1 percent. Oil product exports reached 10.3 million tons, overcoming the level of 2001 by 12.4 percent.

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