FBI: False Identity Destroys Holiday of British Tourist

The FBI has been involved in a monumental case of mistaken identity, claiming that an elderly British tourist on a wine-tasting trip to South Africa was one of the worst enemies of the USA. A request for arrest was sent to the South African authorities and Derek Bond spent a horrendous 21 days in deplorable conditions.

“There was no way I could eat” the food, because it was inedible, he claimed in a press conference after his release today. He declared that despite his continuous pleas about his innocence, the FBI insisted that the right man had been caught as they prepared for extradition to the USA on charges of fraud.

The case had been in the FBI’s files for four years, after Mr. Bond was wrongly arrested and released after it was discovered that another man, in the USA, had stolen his identity in an attempt to clear himself. The 72-year-old pensioner, with a medical condition, owes his release not to the FBI, but to a miracle.

The FBI only today discovered that a massive mistake had been made after a tip-off that the real culprit was already behind bars in the USA. If the US agencies are so efficient that they can destroy an innocent man’s life in this way, if they are so efficient in catching Bin Laden, how can they be believed now when they make such dubious claims linking Iraq to international terrorism, when everyone knows that Bin Laden and Saddam hate each other.


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