Data on small Moscow businesses posted

There are currently about 200,000 small businesses in Moscow, which is approximately a quarter of all small businesses throughout Russia, Minister of the Moscow government Yevgeny Yegorov, who is also the head of the department for the support and development of small entrepreneurship, reported at a meeting of active small businessmen of Moscow. These are stably operating companies. According to him, regarding the number of small businesses per one thousand citizens, Moscow has almost reached the optimum level, characteristic of large cities. There are 21 small businesses per 1,000 citizens in Moscow.

In Moscow, there are about 3 million people employed in small businesses. Yegorov reported that 35 percent of small businesses worked in trade and catering, 15 percent in construction, 10 percent in science and research. About 12 percent of companies produce goods; another 8 percent render general business services to the market.

The official reported that in 2002, the city budget had allocated over RUR600m (about $18.99m) for supporting small businesses. According to Yegorov, in 2003 it is planned to create centers for the development of entrepreneurship in all 10 administrative districts of Moscow. At these centers, businessmen will be able to receive an entire selection of information, legal and consulting services.