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Vladimir Putin: Russia to Strengthen Cooperation with Non-Alignment Movement

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed Russia's desire to strengthen further its co-operation with the non-alignment movement in the interests of strengthening international peace and stability. The Kremlin's press-service reports that the head of the Russian state has sent his greetings to the participants in the 13th conference of the heads of state and governments of the non-alignment movement being held in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.

The document, in particular, says that Russia views "the non-alignment movement uniting over a half of all the countries in the world as the movement that expresses the collective interests of developing states in the epoch of globalization." "As a key element of modern international relations, the non-alignment movement invariably demonstrates its commitment to the UN Charter and the fundamental norms and principles of international law, makes a noticeable and positive contribution to the creation of a fair and democratic system of the world order in the 21st century," the message says.

Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia and the non-alignment movement "share common understanding of the fact that the increasing gap in the levels of the economic and social developments of countries is a source of new dangerous contradictions in the world." Proceeding from this, we appreciate the role of the non-alignment movement in resolving such pressing problems as the provision of sustainable development, the elimination of poverty and illiteracy, the creation of worthy conditions for the existence of hundreds of millions of people living in developing countries," the document says.

The President of Russia also believes that the non-alignment movement "contributes much to the joint efforts of the international community aimed at addressing the most destructive global challenges and threats." Putin has named international terrorism, organized crime, militant separatism and drug smuggling among such challenges and threats.