Ukrainian Security Council Used TV to Prevent a Murder

One of these days, a news programme of Ukrainian 1+1 TV channel presented a very naturalistic story about a masterminded murder in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, with blood, a dead body and comments on the subject. A day later, however, it turned out that the late is alive, while the dead body was borrowed from a morgue. At least the blood was reported to be true. What was the aim of the play? The aim was really high-minded: in this way, Ukrainian special services caught the mastermind of a planned murder, which fortunately was not realised at all.

According to Dnepropetrovsk Region Public Prosecutor General, Vladimir Shuba, Konstantin Krupennikov, a co-founder of the Argo firm, was planned to be killed, while the mastermind of the murder was the second co-founder. To prevent the crime, special services spread through mass media information about the supposedly committed murder. The real mastermind saw the “bloody” report and called his mediator and in this way he gave himself completely. Law-enforcers report the mastermind was detained on Thursday, at 4:00 a.m. in Kiev and brought to Dnepropetrovsk for an investigation.

Though, the murder hardly could have been prevented, if the might-have-been killer had not given himself up. The Dnepropetrovsk citizen came to Ukrainian Security Service on his own free will and told the whole story. February 18, a friend of him offered him a job – to kill a businessman. For these aims, a TT pistol and cartridges were handed over to the killer. The murder organiser was detained, while was handing over the fee to the killer, 3,000 dollars. It was found out that the organiser was not the mastermind of the murder, but carried out a task of the firm co-founder, who was in Kiev by the moment. To prove his implication in the crime, law-enforcers needed a TV-show with blood and a dead body. According to Ukrainian Security Council workers, the mastermind intended to go abroad, so already in several days he could have disappeared.

It should be said, that TV journalists feel hurt by special service workers. It appears that the information about the murder was presented them as a true one. According to a 1+1 channel presenter, journalists’ co-operation with law-enforcers is not the same as using journalists by law-enforcers. And television workers insist on paying attention to this difference.

Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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