Russian New Communist Party Set Up Foundation To Help American Soldiers Who Died in Iraq

Leonid Brezhnev’s grandson sets up a foundation to help the families of those American citizens who died in Iraq

“We at our party consider an opportunity to set up a foundation to help the families of American soldiers, who died in Iraq,” Andrey Brezhnev, the leader of the new communist party said. I did not get to understand, if it was a joke or not.

- The army of the United States of America is the largest and the most professional army in the whole world. The USA has the largest defense budget too. Nevertheless, America addressed to Poland and even to Ukraine, asking them to help with their soldiers. It is obvious that the losses in the coming war on Iraq are expected to be rather large. The American budget is likely not to stand insurance payments, which should be paid per each killed solider or officer. The life of a Polish or a Ukrainian soldier is a lot cheaper. Yet, it will not be possible to save a lot of money, if cheapest universal soldiers are not implicated in the operation. It goes about Russian soldiers here. That is why, we believe that it would be better to help the American insurance system with money, but not with our men’s lives. It deems that it is eventually meant to happen: up to sixty million of people went out in the streets to protest the war on Iraq. However, the Communist Party of Russia had to boast of only one thousand protesters. It goes without saying that President Bush will ask President Putin to help the USA with military soldiers. Russia will not be able to top that: it will not be possible to refer to mass protesting actions.

I would like to ask you about several internal issues. They write about you a lot. It is rumored that the presidential administration gave you a million dollars, that you came up as a person to stand against Gennady Zyuganov, the communist party leader. Reporters also write that you win over your proponents at night clubs and strip bars. If I decide to join your party, will I have to take my clothes off?

- It wouldn’t be bad. (Andrey Brezhnev looked at me in a way, which made me want to become a member of his party in some place lit with candlelight, where good music would be playing. My fingers automatically touched a button of my blouse. There is something about this man, something that he inherited from his grandfather, Leonid Brezhnev).

As a matter of fact, journalists write a lot about me and my party. I would say that they basically write some senseless trash. Have we posed a threat to anyone? Maybe, they do not have true facts, so they simply make up something to intrigue people. For example, a million dollars is cool, it is impressive. Now we have tax officers coming to our offices, asking us if the party paid taxes from that million dollars. As far as night clubs are concerned, I am 40 years of age, it is too late for me to hang out in such places. I am afraid, I will disappoint you, but all my passions are surprisingly traditional. There is nothing unusual about them. Speaking about the confrontation with the communist party – there is no confrontation at all.

Oh yes! They are the communist party, and so are you. You are the new communist party. It happens so that you stand for something new and fresh.

Well, what’s so bad about us aspiring to something new and fresh? We do not want to achieve that at the Russian Communist Party. That is why we started making something of our own, a separate group of our own. The Russian Communist Party (CPRF) is the largest party in the country. Its charter and program basis do not differ much from ours. However, there is also an issue of practice. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has the stable practice of ten years, which allows us to talk about it as something definite. We do not really like that practice.

What do you mean? Is Gennady Zyuganov a revisionist? Is he an opportunist?

Well, we all are bourgeois opportunists from the point of view of the revolutionary theory. Yet, I do not see a perspective to go out and fight. Gennady Zyuganov does not see such a perspective either. There is a good example to it: the anti-war action of February 15th . The action failed to take place, although there was a permission to participate, it was an authorized and approved undertaking. There was no risk at all, although people did not come to take part in it. There has been a certain system formed in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation over the recent years. This system makes it possible to buy a deputy mandate, or an official position at the party. As a result, various business organizations started maintaining whole parties. Party members come to some enterprise to get paid there. However, the communist party publicly stated this year that it was a defective way to go. Yet, a lot of communist party members still follow that policy in Russia’s regions. Such things are practiced even in the Moscow region.

Is there a party that can exist without money?

I studied the history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. I read Lenin’s correspondence too. Let’s recollect the phenomenon of such figure as Semigin: he paid very big wages to regional communist party secretaries. As a result, communist party ideas were not actually communist. You pay - you play the music, so to speak. That is why, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is intended to put an end to this process. This is a rather positive thing to do, no matter how hard it might seem to them from the financial point of view. It was harmful even on the international level: not every left party of the West considers the Russian Communist Party to be true communists. All of that is caused with the so-called new communist ideology.

I think that now it will be assumed that communists are not able to establish a partnership with any organization. The People’s Patriotic Union of Russia, which united about 200 organization, became a myth. In this situation all communist parties of Russia – four communist parties are officially registered in Russia – should help the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to save its face. If there is a need, one can join the People’s Patriotic Union of Russia and to add some new quality to this association. We do not rule out such an opportunity for us.

On the photo: Andrey Brezhnev


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov