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Virtual Pacifist March

After many-million demonstrations all around the world, supporters of peaceful settlement of Iraqi crisis decided to use some uncommon forms of pressure upon US political elite.

According to the Associated Press agency, The coalition of movement protesting against war in Iraq intends to launch next week a “virtual march” to Washington.

The “virtual march” participants will bomb the White House and US Congress with fax and e-mail letters. According to the idea of the action organisers, telephones in US main institutions also must become “hot” of thousands of pacifist calls. In this way, they want to attract US politicians attraction. February 26, many Americans will call up their congressman and say that war is a bad thing.

National director of To Win without War organisation is ex-congressman Tom Andrews. Television shows a reel, where actor Martin Sean calls to participation in the action. He declares from the screen: “Our massage to Washington will be very simple: Do not attack Iraq. We can deter Husain, without killing innocent people”.

The planned action participants are registering themselves on special site. They all will be divided into several groups, therefore telephone calls will be made in a definite time. The pacifist aim for handset being lifted each minute in state institutions.

More than 30 organisations, including National Council of Churches, National Woman Organisation and others participate in the protest action To Win without War. While among that who do not believe in winning without war is the US President. George Bush already expressed his opinion about the pacifists. According to Bush, in the US, there is enough people who underestimate the threat coming from the Iraqi leader, while he himself does not belong to them.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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