Fortrum May Acquire Blocking Stake in Lenenergo

It is possible that Finnish company Fortrum will acquire a blocking stake in Lenenergo according to Alexander Branis, a member of the Lenenergo board of directors and general director of Prosperity Capital Management. This announcement was made after a Lenenergo board meeting on Wednesday February 19.

Mr Branis pointed out that Fortrum already owns 15.7% of Lenenergo shares and added that it would be 'logical' for the Finnish company to increase its stake. 'Fortrum is interested in Lenenergo and by increasing its stake it will be in a better position to protect its own interests,' he said. He added that 'having a blocking stake will provide more control over the company. It is also possible that Fortrum will go on to acquire an even larger stake in the company,' said Mr Branis.

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