Specialists of German Musical Academy Select "Siberian Talents"

A group of teachers from German Bach Musical Academy /Stuttgart/ started a contest-based selection of the best young performers of German classical music. According to Rector of the Krasnoyarsk Musical Academy Konstantin Yakobson, this selection is conducted annually by their German colleagues all around the world, and for two years Krasnoyarsk has been the only city in Russia where the Bach Academy sends its specialists in search of "Siberian talents".

This is largely owing to the fact that the world known baritone Dmitry Khvorostovsky graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Academy, and that 6 students of the same academy brilliantly performed at the Musical Festival in Stuttgart in 2002.

"Several years ago we did not even have an idea where Krasnoyarsk was located", German teacher Elisabeth Anku said.

Her colleague Neigol Schor, having highly estimated the level of the contest, expressed his regret that "the talents from Krasnoyarsk cannot afford to buy new musical instruments".

Another Festival of German Classical Music will be held in August of 2003 in Stuttgart.