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Kosovar Albanians Prepare Invasion of South Serbia and Declaration of “Independence”

Serb military contingent on Kosovo border is in full operational readiness. Albanian terrorists are preparing invasion of South Serbia, Serb officials state. These days, tension was redoubled in the province. UN mission representatives to Kosovo, as usual, possess no information and know nothing about the terrorist intentions.

Belgrade however, raised the alarm. The Serb leadership called the UN mission head to Kosovo, Michael Steiner, and NATO military command in the province to taking urgent measures to prevent the attack on South Serb provinces.

Prime Minister Zoran Jinjic added Serb force structures in turn “will not tolerate terrorist actions.” Jinjic says the terrorist threat originates from Kosovo, though he does not exclude the offensive is also planned by Albanian extremists from Macedonia.

Now, while the world attention is focused on the coming war with Iraq (nobody questions this possibility), Kosovar Albanians can easily carry out an operation to “strengthen their links” to terrorist and criminal elements in the south of the republic.

Moreover, not long ago, a third of deputies of Kosovar parliament overfilled with radical Albanian parties, spoke in support of “the province independence from Serbia.” Final decision however was postponed. Though, now the parliament could again return to the question.

“Independence initiative” was supported by Kosovar Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi and his government, however Rexhepi says it is too early to speak about the definitive status of the province. The Serb bloc representatives to Kosovar parliament decided to leave the sitting hall as a protest, if Albanian deputies offer for discussion so-called “Independence Declaration of Kosovo.” Serb say all these initiatives are possible because of the Steiner “conciliatory position.”

P.S. According to Radio Jugoslavija, the police chief in Medvedj, South Serbia, Zoran Andjelic said at night February 11 to 12, 33 powerful explosions had been registered on Kosovo border. The explosions were supposedly produced on the territory of Kosovska Kamenica community, where, according to Serb special services, a group of militants is being trained.

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