Intel's Russian Sales Rise 30% in 2002

Michael Splinter, Intel's executive vice-president, announced at a press conference today that the corporation considers the results of its work on the Russian market in 2002 to have been successful and hopes for continued success in 2003.

According to Splinter, sales of Intel products on the Russian market increased by 30% in 2002, with Intel Pentium 4 processors accounting for 50% of the processor market. The number of the company's Russian employees doubled to 450. Splinter also announced that Intel held over 150 events aimed at popularizing new computer technology in 20 major Russian towns last year, drawing over 2 million residents. 9 regional centres for teaching school teachers how to use computer technology in the classroom were set up as part of the 'Education for the Future' charitable programme. 7,500 Russian teachers have already passed through the centres.

Splinter announced that Intel is counting on continuing its successful work in 2003. He said that Russia is one of the company's five fastest growing markets, and that the PC market in Russia is growing by 30% a year. This year the company will continue to invest in the Russian market, and develop its educational programmes and collaboration with government structures.

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