Vyborg Shipyard Completes Trawler for Norwegian DOF Industri

The Vyborg Shipyard (Leningrad Region) has today launched the hull of the Ordinat fishing trawler. The trawler has been handed over to its Norwegian client. According to the shipyard's press office, it is the seventh trawler hull to have been built in Vyborg in the last two years for the Norwegian company DOF Industri according to a design by the Vik-Sandvik design bureau. Construction of the trawlers is being financed by the St. Petersburg Bank in collaboration with Norwegian Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted. The eighth trawler hull will be delivered this spring. The shipyard will then start work on the first of two 95-metre supertrawlers.

The Ordinat trawler is 68.8 metres long, 13.8 metres wide, has a maximum height of 9 metres, displacement of around 1,500 tonnes, and is in the DNV class. According to the order contract, the Russian side is responsible for supplying the vessel with its main engine, shaft generator, rudder system, propellers, and has installed the drainage, ballast and scupper systems. The fish storage containers have a water-intake and circulation system installed.

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