Nakhodka Fishing Port Intends to Go Commercial

Nakhodka Fishing Port intends to switch to commercial category. According to the port's press service, such was the statement made by the port's General Director, Viktor Kem. Mr. Kem said the status of fishing port made his relations with the Ministry of Transportation difficult, as concerned the transshipping of cargoes other than fish or sea products.

Partially, the matter was pushed on by the fact that recently the ministry of transportation had extended the port's loading/unloading license. Changing the category and becoming a commercial port is being discussed.

'Besides', the press service noted, 'due to the tough stand the government has assumed in relation to fishermen, any growth of fish transportation can hardly be expected very soon'. This is another reason the port is actively transshipping loose cargoes. At this time, negotiations are underway with Vietnamese companies concerning the supplies of rice, buckwheat, and canned foods through Nakhodka. The port is also prepared to handle scrap metal and other cargoes.

In 2002, The cargo turnover of Nakhodka Fishing Port increased by 2.7% on the year to 468,400 tonnes. The companies and banks represented by Viktor Kem, the port's General Director control over 86% of its stock. Their names remain undisclosed. The ownership of the stock in question is being disputed by the First Port investment company represented by Mikhail Veselov.

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