Smart Bombs of Mad America

“The United States of America has gone mad” such is the title of the publication in London’s Times by John Le Carre, author of a popular anti-Soviet political detective, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. He wrote: “ America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.” It is a characteristic feature of Europe’s spiritual awakening confronted with a barbaric “show-execution” initiated by the Bush administration in the Middle East.

Several years ago I saw a sinister picture in a Chinese newspaper: a line of dandy dressed people walking along a stadium track convoyed on both sides. The inscription to the picture said: “Drug dealers before execution on the International Day Against Drug Abuse.” The sins of the people were terrible, the harm they did to countrymen was immeasurable, so the punishment they were to suffer was condign. But my heart bled when I saw their faces distorted with sufferings. The world mass media were extremely indignant about the “medieval” nature of public executions and about “uncivilized” Chinese judicial system. As a result of it, nothing has been heard about group executions for two or three years already. But we have got something instead of public executions: preparation for an execution of a larger scale, public execution of Iraq, has been done for several months already.

Curiosity of millions of potential spectators is stirred up with announcements about unknown methods of murder. Italy’s Panorama is nearly spitting from delight: “The Ah-64 D Apach helicopter is equipped with a computer capable to identify 128 objects per second. A radar fixed above the propeller operates like a submarine periscope which allows Apach to hide behind dunes in deserts. It alone can destroy a battalion from the distance of 10 kilometers. “Smart” bombs Gbu 28 are designed against underground depots, such bombs were just twice used in the Desert Storm. Cbu-97 bombs will be used against Saddam’s tanks, each of the bombs issues 40 “smart missiles” covering the area of 120 square meters. It is highly likely that an absolutely new 15-ton bomb destroying targets deep under the surface will be also used in military operations in Iraq. Effect of this “smart” bomb can be compared with a small nuclear bomb.”

America’s weekly Time savours characteristics of another “smart” innovation: “Нigh-power microwave(HPM) weapon can unleash in a flash as much electrical power—2 billion watts. Capacitors aboard the missile discharge an energy pulse—moving at the speed of light and impervious to bad weather—in front of the missile as it nears its target. That pulse can destroy any electronics within 1,000 ft. of the flash by short-circuiting internal electrical connections, thereby wrecking memory chips, ruining computer motherboards and generally screwing up electronic components not built to withstand such powerful surges. It's similar to what can happen to your computer or TV when lightning strikes nearby and a tidal wave of electricity rides in through the wiring. But that hurt can cause unintended problems: beyond taking out a tyrant's silicon chips, HPMs could destroy nearby heart pacemakers and other life-critical electrical systems in hospitals or aboard aircraft.”

CNN and other TV channels including Russian ones are anticipating super-earnings: when millions of spectators will stare in TV sets because of a war in Iraq, advertising of shampoos, pampers will rise in price as compared with advertising inserted in Hollywood films and even during demonstration Olympic events.

Are all people driven into ecstasies when executions are demonstrated? Not at all. Two most respectable newspapers of the Old World, Le Monde and The Times, published a diagnosis set by European intellectual elite to America and its leaders with their “smart” bombs and missiles: they stated the USA is struck with madness.

“Axis of Evil is America’s Obsession”, such is the headline of an article of France’s popular publicist specializing in international affairs, Bertrand Le Gendre. He wrote: “Origins of American political culture are reference to religion, on the one hand, and paranoia, on the other hand. The motto “In God we trust” is printed on every dollar note. Bush concluded his famous speech of January 29, 2002, when the idea of “axis of evil” was voiced for the first time, with the classical phrase “May God bless you.” The conquest of the Old World accompanied with mass murders of Indians is the best illustration to the inclination to use religion to excuse America’s particularly worldly interests.”

Le Gendre defined paranoia as “the state of excessive suspiciousness of a person or a group of people concerning imaginary or actual threats. This disease thrived because of the cold war. In his speech in 1982, Ronald Reagan called the USSR the empire of evil. As we see, the rhetoric remained the same, when “the axis of evil” is spoken about. The mentality of crusaders is so deeply implanted into minds of Americans that they have to create enemies for themselves at the time when there are none at all.

John Le Carre echoes this idea: “Religious hypocrisy with which the USA is sending the troops to combat is the most disgusting aspect of a probable war.” And the author continues with some irony: “Bush has permanent connection with God, and the latter has very particular political views. God dictated America to save the world any way that suits the USA. God appointed Israel a key part of the US Mideast policy, and anyone who puts this fact into question is: a) an anti-Semite; b) an anti-American; c) an enemy; d) a terrorist.”

John Le Carre’s experience of a diplomat, intelligence agent and author of 18 best sellers helped him to get at the root of the problem. “Economic needs of the USA made for this war. It is an obvious symptom of schizophrenia when attempts are made to improve the Dow Jones index with mass executions and universal fire that can destroy the biotope. “Smart” missiles and bombs in the hands of mad politicians are the greatest danger for the human civilization.

America’s leading newspaper Washington Post, being unaware of it itself, recently confirmed the diagnosis set to the American society and US leaders by Le Gendre and Le Carre: in accordance with a poll held by the newspaper, six of ten Americans support launching of an atomic bomb in case if Iraq uses chemical or biological weapon when American troops attack the country. It is believed that Iraq actually holds such weapons. It means, moral degradation of the USA has reached its limits: America is ready to press “the nuclear button” and liquidate the country which exact location is unknown to majority of Americans (PRAVDA.Ru already reported about this fact revealed in an opinion poll). Americans seem to be tempted with the role of an executioner.

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru

Picture: As Americas’ weekly Times supposes, HPM shells will be delivered by Tomahawk missiles to Iraqi cities

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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