International Court of Justice: Mexico puts USA in the dock

Mexico has accused the USA of breaking the Convention of Vienna on Consular Relations by sentencing to death 54 of its citizens without allowing them access to consular services, guaranteed to them by the agreement.

The case was presented to the Hague-based court on 9th January. proceedings opened yesterday. The USA is accused by Mexico of “arresting, detaining, trying, judging and sentencing to death” the 54 citizens, without granting them access to their country’s consular services, guaranteed under the Convention of Vienna to any person committing a crime abroad.

Mexico claims that its many attempts to address the issue did not receive an adequate answer and calls on the court to order a stay on the executions until further notice. In addition, Mexico requests that the sentences be reduced from the death penalty to life imprisonment and that there be re-trials, with Mexican lawyers.


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