Scandalous Person Might Become America’s President in 2004

A black notorious lawyer runs for presidency in the States

It became known today that the first candidacy for the position of the American president has been officially registered. This person’s name is Al Sharpton. Democrats could hardly find a better gift for Republicans. This New York-based black lawyer and reverend is a very notorious persona. Sharpton is known as an organizer of demonstrations of black people to protest against local authorities. Those actions of protest often ended up in clashes with police. This allowed the new candidacy to touch upon the issue of the black population suppression in the United States.

Sharpton became famous as a lawyer. He was a spokesman for black teenage girl Tawana Brawley, after she claimed that she was gang-raped by white men. As it turned out later, Brawley made the story up, trying to make her parents not to punish her for being disobedient. Sharpton tried to do his best to intensify the relations between black and white people in order to gain the national attention. He even made Tawana Brawley lie during the trial. Sharpton and Brawley were eventually charged with slanderous comments, and Sharpton was ordered to pay $65 thousand.

Al Sharpton served several months in a federal jail for the organization of a protest action near an American Air Force base. The demonstration was over with a mass disorder. Despite all that, Sharpton managed to obtain the reputation of a fighter for the rights of disaffected people. However, a lot of American observers believed that the fact that he spent several months in a jail was something like his own promotion. For the time being, Al Sharpton (47 years old) tries to do his best in order to become more respectable. However, he still plays the game of a fighter for the rights of disaffected voters. As he says, there are too many white rich men amid those candidacies that run for presidency. Sharpton believes that those men do not have any notion of what common people and national minorities need. He says that more than 100 million people might vote for him – blacks, Latinos, and youth.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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