Russian Scientists Try to Find Life on Mars

Another evidence has been found to prove life on Mars in the past

Igor Mitrofanov, the chairman of the laboratory of the space research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, stated that about 50% of Mars’s soil on high latitudes consisted of water ice. “This fact is another thing to prove that there used to be life on that planet. Maybe, the research will not result in the discovery of life on the red planet. At least, we will probably find the proofs of its existence in the past,” said the scientist. Igor Mitrofanov also pointed out that the ice on Mars is another proof of the hypothesis, which says that Mars used to be a warm, humid and hospitable planet for living beings.

For the time being, Russian scientists conduct the observation over the surface of Mars with the help of the Russian scientific device called Hend. This device is located on the American spacecraft Odyssey. There will be two American rovers launched on the planet this year. The landing sites for the rovers have already been selected. Research vehicles will start working on Mars in the beginning of the next year (it takes six months to get to the planet).

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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