Lenin Embalmer’s Remnants Buried Only After 60 Years

The Ukrainian government decided to bury the remnants of two world-famous academicians

The Ukrainian Television Agency Novosti reported that the question to re-bury the remnants of academicians Vladimir Vorobyov and Vasily Danilevsky has been settled. The funeral ceremony will take place on Saturday, January 25th in the city of Kharkov, Ukraine.

The remnants of the two mentioned academicians have remained unburied for more than 60 years. The mortuary urn with academician Vladimir Vorobyov's ashes has been kept at the Anatomy Department of the Medical University. Physiologist Vasily Danilevsky’s remnants have been kept in two different places: his brain is kept on a shelf of the same university, while the urn of his ashes is put in a columbarium.

Academician Vorobyov is considered to be anatomist number one in the world. This person is famous as the scientist, who mummified Lenin’s body. However, when the academician died, he was not buried according to Christian traditions. The urn of his ashes has been kept at the Anatomy Department of the Medical University since 1937.

Vasily Danilevsky was a famous physiologist, who founded the institute of endocrinology and hormone chemistry. His brain found itself in a glass vessel on a shelf of the anatomical pathology department. Danilevsky’s relatives have been trying to make authorities bury the remnants for a lot of years. The decision has been finally made: the scientist’s remnants will be buried.

“This will not be something like a meeting. It will be a quiet ceremony, only closest people are going to be present at it,” Elena Chernyshova, the chairwoman of the physiotherapy department said. Academicians Vladimir Vorobyov and Vasily Danilevsky were friends, when they were alive. They are going to be buried next to one another.

On the photo: The front part of the glass vessel with Vasily Danilevsky's brain

Andrey Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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