According to the Russian Defense Minister, the Objective of the Armed Forces Reform is to Create Well-Trained and Equipped Army and Navy

On Saturday Russian defense minister Sergey Ivanov stated that Russian armed forces were "at the stage of full-scale transformations" the ultimate objective of which was "to create well-trained and equipped army and Navy capable of reliably defending national interests of the state, of guaranteeing its sovereignty." While speaking at the annual report meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences the defense minister stated that Russia was given preference to political, diplomatic, economic and other non-military means to ensure its national security, resolution of global international problems. At the same time he stressed that taking into account the emerging geopolitical situation around Russia the country acknowledged the present objective necessity to possess military potential to adequately defend the country.

Ivanov opined that in doing that special attention should be devoted to improvement of forms and means of conduct of military operations in local wars and armed conflicts by combination of kinds of troops' groupings of limited strength.

The minister emphasized that resolution of the complex of the problems was possible only on the basis of military - scientific basis of the Defense Ministry.

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