More Terrorist Acts to Hit Moscow

One of the leaders of Chechen illegal armed groups, associate of Aslan Maskhadov, Shamil Basayev is scheming a terrorist act that “will be of a larger scale than the Nord Ost hostage crisis in Moscow.” If the terrorist fails to organize an act of terrorism in Moscow, it will be committed in some European country. This is stated in a document received in the editorial office of the Russian newspaper Izveztia; the Moscow Federal Security Service (FSB) leadership obtained the information from Interpol.

Besides, the document also says that Shamil Basayev ordered all Chechens residing in Moscow to sell their property and leave the city, and even the country, if possible. Money obtained from selling the property must be used for making a financial base in Europe. Chechens are recommended to leave for Czechia, Belgium and Germany, further they will finally get together in England and Belgium. An anonymous FSB representative told Izvestia that Chechens were actually leaving Moscow. In his words, “it has been reported many times within the past days that emissaries of Chechen terrorists in Moscow have become very active. They recommend other Chechens, especially those well-to-do ones, to sell property and leave Moscow, at least for some time. The same was done before the tragic hostage crisis in Moscow in October last year, but special services failed to respond to that activity.”

During the Nord Ost hostage crisis in Moscow, a videotape was broadcast on TV on which Aslan Maskhadov recorded the threat to organize a scarier terrorist attack in the Russian capital in the nearest time.

On January 11, 2003 the Chief Department for Internal Affairs in Moscow circulated an abstract from its resolution of January 11 saying about “a possible terrorism act in Moscow.” The whole of the Moscow police is on the alert.

On Tuesday, January 14, at a session of the Moscow Government, Director of the FSB Department in Moscow and the Moscow region, Viktor Zakharov informed about Basayev’s intention to organize a new terrorist attack in Moscow. In Zakharov’s words, over the past 1.5-2 months the FSB Department in Moscow was warned up to 20 times that more terrorist acts could be committed in Moscow. Viktor Zakharov says the top priority measure for prevention of new terrorist acts is to consider the problem of registration policy on the governmental level, as “the level of illegal migration in Moscow is extremely high.” According to the information of the FSB department in Moscow, up to several hundreds of newcomers are often registered on the same address in the Russian capital, which is certainly illegal.

It was also pointed out that sources of financing the bandit groups in Chechnya must be liquidated. The other day, the Russian Ministry of Defense circulated photo documents proving connection of Maskhadov, Basayev and other Chechen terrorists with representatives of international terrorist organizations. The pictures of Chechen terrorists closely connected with Maskhadov were taken in the summer 2002; special services withdrew the pictures from a terrorists killed during a special operation in January 2003.

Pyotr Bely PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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